Tuesday, February 19, 2013


okay today i had a little bit of an unsettlement because i was caught up between buying a mic for the studio or simply awaiting and giving more time to the property aquiring.i had two glimpses one in music and the other in film

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Good Tale of the coming kingdom of God: Revelation 12

The Good Tale of the coming kingdom of God: Revelation 12: Part 1 1.And there appeared a great wonder (in) (heaven); a (woman) clothed with the (sun) and the (moon) under her feet and upon her head a...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i saw plenty of people who are snakes, the spirit of the snake is so rampant in the natives of this particular region in the northen hemisphere.
Anyway today i m looking to setup a website dedicated to the holyspirit God only.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I was a man flying above it all, i was soaring above the everyday chaos that people were going through , for some reason i felt i was being guided and supported by an external factor .This definately is the work of the holy spirit and i just had to jot this down for the sake of my faith and future references.
  I have been spending sometime before sleeping and after waking up on the seeds of faith which are the holy scriptures.
  This is very interesting and very encouraging .I hope and trust that i will still be guided by the invisible devine spirit of God in all affairs of life.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today i got a memo , i felt it was from an angel of God ,not the holy spirit unlike on the other facts on spirits .i was visited by seductive spirits ,by Gods strength i snapped out but i got the lesson.
This is what i got Here we go,
Seductive spirits as the name entails are spirits that seduce man and woman into sexual acts ,
they are very very beautiful in looks And or charm.they are BOTH IN MAN AND WOMAN
there are two ways they enter
1 Porn
2 Looking into the eyes of a man and woman who has a seducing spirit
these are prominent in harlots ,but are not limited to harlots ONLY!! ps get this because they are more outside the harlots parameters .they are around , in the streets , schools , businesses , churches ,everywhere you find people
BEWARE AND BE WARNED!!Once they enter an individual , they can harbor or linger around the realm of the mind and they mostly attack at night.They appear in spiritual dreams because there real true nature is spirit and not normal regular imaginary vision or dream. There goal is one thing ,to seduce and eventually pervert you .To this day ,no one understands why someone will go to bed peacefully but wake-up the next day and starts acting perverted like something has entered them
They are also prominent in the daytime ,they are in people, around people ,they move with the help of a vessel .They gay and lesbian movement is a move of a seductive spirit,to re-highlight the first point , seductive spirits are not a preacher or man of God deceiving you or telling you a fairy tale over the bible,those re deceptive spirits ,DONNOT CONFUSE THE TWO BECAUSE IF YOU DO , YOU WONT BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THE SEDUCTIVE SPIRIT.
Lastly we are under attack by seductive spirits believe it or no!!you need the holy-spirit to discern them